Innovative tools for success
Wasted business value

Innovative tools for success

Wasted business value: excessive discounting, sub-optimal pricing, unsold inventory, missed sales. We hate that!

Enter the Evo 'crystal ball'. If today you knew what your customers will want in the future, would that change how you make decisions? We can see how scientific learning is transforming business management, just like the self-driving-car is reshaping transport.

A revolution based on data: unlock hidden opportunity with simple-to-use software "for the rest of us" (words of a client CEO).

Proven by $200m+ margin already delivered by closing the supply/ demand gap. Helping our clients become truly customer-driven.

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Pricing & Promotions
Optimal dynamic revenues

Pricing & Promotions

Optimal dynamic revenues, achieved with optimal prices and promotions.

Initial list price, relevant price changes over time, automated product and customer lifecycle decisions: promotions, markdowns, anti-churn.

Market, product and customer signals impact expected sales; our systems re-calibrate prices and promotions over time, always within the constraints and goals set by management.

Forecast & replenishment
expected item potential

Forecast & replenishment

Optimal dynamic inventory management, from production to customer.

Planning, producing and purchasing based on expected item potential; dynamically (re-)allocating warehouse and store inventory.

Profitable transfers across stores, network wisdom and scientifically guaranteed optimality for maximum sales and minimum waste.

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Automate data collection

Tracking markets & impacts

We automate data collection and market tracking that make our systems smarter over time.

Monitoring competitor pricing, promotions and product range, while also tracking weather, social media trends, socio-dem and geo-data. All impacts on volumes, revenues and margin automatically measured, so we can promptly learn and continuously improve.

Unlimited support

Redefining 'excellence'

Business management still often relies on simple Excel tools, last year results, or just gut feelings.

We believe that automated learning + professional scientists make business processes smarter. Evo processes. Unlimited support from 120+ man-years of experience, 11 nationalities, 6 academic research partners, 2 offices and 1 mission.

Your market, strategy and people rapidly evolve. So do we.

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