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Our exciting formula: Business Success = Lots of Data + Smart Ideas + Automated Effort.

Powerful, accurate and tailored scientific solutions for the enterprise.

World-class, simple to use, extraordinarily profitable.


Building on a solid foundation


In 2009 the Math PhD of our founder Fabrizio demonstrated a new 'automated evolutionary system' to outperform complex and expensive commercial pricing systems. 'Scientific learning' was born - but science does not deliver value per se, business does.

Building on 10 years of consulting work with global CEOs, Fabrizio thought that value creation crucially also depends on improving processes and skills. Combining people and science  - our unique Evo approach - has been our cornerstone ever since.

We grew to 2 offices in London & Turin, with a diverse team of engineers, data scientists, academics and business experts. All sharing the goal of delivering CEO-quality automated business insights & decisions, every day.



Answering some common questions: FAQs


Working together

How do I get started?

We will schedule together a comprehensive 4-6 weeks diagnostic project. Since this guarantees full access to our team, we can only take 1 new client at a time; expect some waiting time before we start.

What does it feel to work with you?

Just like adding a friendly and highly professional team to your business! Your market expertise, paired with our fresh, independent focus on data-driven insights, leads to significant value creation.

Do you meet clients personally?

We always meet each and every client team in person during the diagnostic, for a 1-2 day workshop. Thereafter we are comfortable with remote work, but also available at your premises as frequently as needed.

What is your turn-around time for deliverables?

We are very quick: forget about months of development roadmaps. We typically deploy new solutions in just few days, and continue to work at your pace throughout our partnership.

How long are your contract terms?

You are free to stop working with us whenever you want. We do not ask for upfront investment, lock-in, nor hidden clauses. Our incentives are, and will always be, fully aligned - this is why we have never lost any client to date.

Data sources

Where do you get data from?

We work with your internal, proprietary data, but also independently source any relevant additional data set externally: weather, competition, socio-demographic and macro-economic data, just to name some typical examples.

Can I export my results?

All results, data, scenarios, simulations, are ready for export. You can download results manually or automatically (e.g. via email), and even systematically feed them into your own ERP or API.

What interfaces do you use?

We have 2 main modes of work: an interactive online portal, plus an Excel add-in. We host our own solutions, so you can focus on growing the business while we handle infrastructure maintenance and bug fixing.

Is my data secure?

Managing confidential data is our core business. We apply bank-grade security to all our communication channels, with 256-bit strong encryption, and full client segregation; we exceed the requirements of UK, EU and US laws and regulations.

Do I need to share personal or payment data?

We do not handle, access or process any Personally Identifying Information (PII as defined by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office) except for anonymous transaction data, nor do we handly any credit card or payment information.

Getting started

What is included in the diagnostic?

4-6 weeks from data to impact. Our initial focus is data: a simple and fairly flexible request to you, plus our independent external data collection. Then we meet in person for a 1-2 day workshop. Last, we design and implement rapid tests to validate impact.

What happens after the diagnostic?

If you decide to work with us, we are typically ready to get started in ~1 week. You will receive software, unlimited support, dedicated staff - all with the purpose of creating value together.

How much information do you require?

We are data hungry, but fairly flexible. Typically our initial data request includes 24+ months of historical transactions, plus some information on price lists and stock levels; we have sometimes even started from just 9 months of data.

What size of businesses do you work with?

There is no constraint on size; many clients have $100m-$1bn revenues or above, but we also work with several entrepreneurial and rapidly growing companies who have not yet reached the $100m mark.

Do you offer a trial period?

Our diagnostic includes all trial required. In fact it includes tests and validation of impact - so that you know exactly what we will do together, before committing to any further work.