We are Evo Pricing

Our exciting formula is Success = Data + Very human intuition & Heavy dose of common sense.

We help our clients achieve extraordinary results with bespoke, accurate and powerful solutions.

We develop predictive analytics that are world-class, but also simple to use. 


Our story

In 2009 Fabrizio demonstrated - in his Math PhD, completed during his Harvard MBA - how a simple algorithm could outperform even the most complex and expensive commercial airline pricing systems. 

However, his 10 years of McKinsey consulting work with global CEOs showed that value creation crucially also depends on the people side of the equation. And so our unique Evo Pricing approach was born.

Today we have 2 offices (London, Turin) and 120 man-years experience between engineers, data scientists, academics and business experts. 1 shared goal: support business decisions with CEO-quality insights.

Our clients make better management decisions every day. We partner with the very best academics globally, to continually EVOlve and guarantee use of the latest and greatest scientific discoveries available.




The team