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Autonomous Pricing

Market-driven optimal prices based on demand, competition, product features and customer feedback

Automated recommendations

Our powerful engine dramatically improves forecast accuracy, enabling simulations and automated recommendations.

Every week, or month, or day, we produce a flow of smart ideas that stream right into your decision making process. You are not just in control, but you can design and change the process at any time. We grow together.

Competitor monitoring

We automatically source for you any relevant market data from private and public sources, as frequently as needed.

From strategic perspective on competitor product ranges, to tactical daily monitoring of price changes, we have you covered. Leave the data sourcing, cleaning and beautiful formatting to us - free up time to focus on insights and actions.

Demand elasticity

Forget about one-off analysis in Excel. We deliver timely measures of pricing elasticites at all levels of granularity.

Every week you can discover how demand is changing, and adjust accordingly. No biases or opinions, pure hard facts. Stand on the shoulders of giants, as they say. Make the latest research in the world of scientific analysis work for you.

Impact Tracking

The measurement of every price change is systematic, accurate and unbiased. We are proud of liberating our clients of doubt.

Having automated assessments of impact enables rapid learning and ultimately to greater risk-taking. Zero-effort analysis at any level of detail. Unlock the full potential of your data: let your customers, rather than opinion, be the ultimate judges of what works.

Impact of price changes
Pieces, % lift Revenues, % lift Margin, % lift
Total 3,1 % 3,1 % 3,1 %
Price Down 5,0 % 5,0 % 5,0 %
Price Up 0,6 % 0,6 % 0,6 %
Control - - -