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Autonomous Supply Chain

Customer-driven planning, purchasing, allocation, replenishment and rebalancing

Item potential: automated assessment

We help join up the dots across all products data sets. Auto-tagging images, discovering hidden correlations, assessing future sales potential.

"What happened last year" lost its predictive power in a world of ever-increasing complexity. Our automated scientific learning leverages the most advanced forecasting algorithms and analytical techniques, to drive faster adaptation and insight. All made simple by Evo's proprietary hyper-interactive and responsive dashboard technology, just a few clicks to achieve clarity of planning.

Advanced segmentation

Segmenting stores, customers and products can be a daunting task. Only too often have we seen managers rely on opinions over facts.

Our segmentation system helps inject intuitive data-driven input into your segmentation decisions. Master the art of data-driven decision-making through simple-to-use tools and personal support.

Range Planning

Forecasting sales accurately is mission-critical to many parts of the business, for example on product range planning.

Our core research focus is surprising to some: accurate local forecasts are the essence of automated scientific learning. Dynamic exploration of granular forecasts help deliver end-to-end planning solutions that evolve over time together with our clients.

KPI workout

"Business intelligence" may not be enough to bridge the gap between CEO perspective and detailed performance.

We developed simple solutions to help navigate and understand KPIs with a bird's eye view. A curated, unbiased view of the business that can be tailored to new needs as frequently as every week.

Impact of price changes
Pieces, % lift Revenues, % lift Margin, % lift
Total 3,1 % 3,1 % 3,1 %
Price Down 5,0 % 5,0 % 5,0 %
Price Up 0,6 % 0,6 % 0,6 %
Control - - -