Allocate exactly how much inventory, of which product, when and where it is needed

InventoryAI Solutions

Eliminate inventory mismatch when integrated AI recommendations drive all inventory decisions for more sales with less stock

Eliminate inventory mismatch

Protect service levels while eliminating waste for maximum profit

InventoryAI learns something new about your customers every day. By assessing a wide variety of signals from data on everything from seasonality and purchasing patterns to social trends, weather, product attributes, seasonality, and local economies, InventoryAI helps you exceed business goals through a systemwide, bottom-up view of inventory allocation.

Key benefits

  • Automate replenishment to free staff for high-value work
    The Inventory AI app automates routine replenishment so planners and managers can focus on strategic decisions that grow sustainable impact.

  • Integrate planning across the full product lifecycle
    Inventory AI has modules to manage the entire product lifecycle, aligning planning, purchasing, allocation, replenishment, transfers, and rebalancing.

  • Eliminate inventory overstocks and waste
    Be more sustainable and stop throwing money away when purchasing perfectly meets demand and products are optimally placed for maximum sales.

  • Optimize supply chain efficiency and inventory rotation
    Know where items should be allocated by price point, product, customer, channel, location, and day to sell more with less inventory.

  • Meet customer demand perfectly
    Improve customer service levels, eliminate waste, and deliver customer-centric experiences in each store when you can deliver precisely on customer needs.

How Evo helps you sell more with less inventory

InventoryAI ensures customer relevance with Prescriptive AI, rather than simply Predictive analytics.

The difference?

Predictive AI can only tell you what will happen assuming no major disruptions, while Prescriptive AI adapts to changing conditions to help you achieve your business goals through a systemwide, bottom-up view of inventory management. 

Targeted features for inventory challenges

  • Leverage human capital
    Discover demand trends earlier when you include intangible insight of store managers in demand calculations. Human input increases allocation accuracy to as much as 94% and maximises tool adoption.

  • Minimize end-of-lifecycle fragmentation
    Ensure displays remain full and unfragmented with functionalities to recompact items during markdowns or near expiration

  • Detailed impact visualisation
    See your supply chain impact at a glance with advanced KPI analysis and graphs. Get the overall picture or drill down into any channel.

  • Full-cycle inventory management
    Ensure alignment across entire product lifecycle by intgrating decisions from purchasing to ramp-downs.

  • Better assortment planning
    Simulate allocations for each store or channel to pinpoint the unique assortment right for local demand.

  • Logistics cost assessment
    Don’t worry about logistics costs, like shipping or restocking, lessening impact. InventoryAI automatically accounts for these costs while respecting all box, dimension, size, quantity, display and other constraints.

Impact of price changes
Pieces, % lift Revenues, % lift Margin, % lift
Total 3,1 % 3,1 % 3,1 %
Price Down 5,0 % 5,0 % 5,0 %
Price Up 0,6 % 0,6 % 0,6 %
Control - - -

Average year 1 improvement from InventoryAI


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