Measuring the impact of prices and promotions

Only 13% of retailers have a systematic method to measure the net impact of price changes and promotions on pieces, revenues and margins. And therefore test & learn becomes complex. No surprise then, that for example 59 percent of grocery retail promotions destroy shareholder value. Let us unveal our 3 approaches to systematically measure these impacts!

The poetry of code

This week, during an impromptu English lesson in our Turin office to which I was unexpectedly invited, I had to explain what my favorite team work style is. That's a rather existential question!

I admit: my response, on the spot, was hasty and superficial. Among the choices available, I opted for "coordinate" and "start projects". However, I thought about it more, this afternoon during a beautiful spring-time walk.

Data 101 - part 2

Big data won’t work without humans.

In the first part of “Data 101” we shared our perspective on the interplay between exponential data growth and the equally exponential fall in the cost of storing and processing data. In this second piece we look at misconceptions about disruption in analytical methodology and question whether Stephen Hawking is right about AI.

Data 101

What's really going on with data?

Pricing is an incredibly powerful framework to look at the world, because it is the offspring of supply and demand, those economic basic forces, and the cousin of value, a key concept underpinning supply and demand.