Here's to an incredible 2016

By Fabrizio Fantini

Dear Evo Pricing family,

Time for drawing the conclusions on 2016, and pausing so that the holiday break may inspire us. Onwards and upwards to 2017!
I am personally grateful for the incredible year we have just had. 
12 months ago, Evo Pricing was nothing but a dream, a handful of enthusiastic visionaries armed of some barely working software and lots of determination.
Today we are a well established reality.
- Solid team of 18 people hailing from across Europe and the world
- Trust of new clients from Italy, California, Mexico, and the UK
- Larger and better offices both in Turin (having moved twice) and London
- Multiple research projects, leading to our first scientific paper submitted in Q1 2017
- Generous media coverage, mostly in Italy so far, of excellent quality
Our processes are now stable and robust, our software rapidly maturing, and capabilities steadily improving. Having achieved break-even, our revenues are currently doubling every 6 months, albeit from an arguably low base last year.
Thank you. Thank you, to each of you, for having contributed to such a successful and special 2016! I know it sometimes was, and still is, not easy. But hopefully always fun, rewarding and deeply meaningful.
Going forward, we are not going to slow down and rest on our laurels; quite the opposite.
- Grow quantity, quality and level of engagement of the advisory team
- Build crispy product demos and sharpen our client pitches
- Beef up the partnership roster with leading IT, consulting and academic partners
- Host an internal conference in Feb and an external event in May (likely 16 or 18 in Milan, tbd)
- Position ourselves as thought leaders, through writing digital posts and a printed book (publisher tbd)
- Become top choice for the best talent: top notch data scientists, senior techies, other relevant enthusiasts
Our ultimate, ambitious goal is to grow our top line run rate by 10x in the next 24 months. The opportunity is there, and today we have all it takes to make a difference. So let's make it happen! 
I hope that we can get there together, planting the seeds for what we aspire to be: a very special company, that provides the world with a new mix of skills, tools, and results, delivered with an entirely new approach. Spread the news: we are here to stay and make a difference.
What is not going to change, is our focus on delivering superior value and excellent returns to our existing and future clients; our being innovators and diligent executors; our open and inclusive team spirit. 

These will forever remain our top priorities.
Please join me in a virtual team hug. I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at our February 18th get together. Meanwhile may the holidays bring you and your family the well deserved rest, along with peace and inspiration.
I look forward to an incredible 2017 together,