We are a finalist on EsadeCreapolis' Retail Startup Day!

Evo Pricing - providing solutions to retail challenges

Evo Pricing is all about conquering the challenges retailers face in today's complex market, disrupting and revolutionizing the way pricing, replenishment and promotions are done and analyzed.

EsadeCreapolis Retail Forum has nominated us as a finalist on Retail Startup Day competition, which will take place on March 29, 2017 in Barcelona, aiming to find the latest and greatest technologies impacting the retail sector value chain. 

According to EsadeCreapolis, today, the retail sector is facing multiple challenges which will transform the value proposition of most companies and will revolutionize the way these companies communicate to their consumers. Consumer awareness, seamless experience, new payment methods and last-mile logistics management are just some of the challenges that directly impact different parts of the value chain.

Initiated by EsadeCreapolis Retail Forum, a platform advocating innovation in the retail sector, 50 disruptive startups were nominated (retailers, brands, commercial and service providers and technology), among them Evo Pricing was chosen as a finalist!

Stay tuned.