Achieve a cluster of one when targeting prospects

CustomerAI Solutions

Each customer is unique, so why bundle them into segments and clusters that won’t match their exact needs? EvoAI shows you how to delight customers with tailored offers.

Convert faster; retain more

Personalize sales and marketing to shorten sales cycles and maximise customer lifetime value

CustomerAI learns something new about your customers every day. By assessing a wide variety of signals from data on everything from conversion history and economic trends to offer structure, competition, customer attributes, pricing, and personality, CustomerAI helps you arm salespeople with the best offers to take to the best prospects to convert quickly into loyal customers.

Key benefits

  • Optimise the time and effort of your salesforce
    The CustomerAI app pinpoints the salesperson and offer most likely to convert or retain each customer, so your salespeople know where time is best spent.

  • Get real-time answers to critical customer questions
    Constantly update your understanding of the customer, so you know the best offer for each prospect and the optimal pricing and discount mix for retention.

  • Personalize service to each customer with no extra effort
    Customers now expect a custom experience based on their needs. CustomerAI automation makes that easy without adding to your team’s workload.

  • Achieve a cluster of one
    Eliminate the endless challenge of clustering when you have the data to achieve truely personalized and segment-free marketing and sales.

  • Delight across the entire customer journey
    Today, loyalty and conversion come down to relevance: are you offering people the right thing at the right time? CustomerAI guarantees a customer-centric experience they love.

How Evo helps you become truly customer-centric

CustomerAI ensures customer relevance by assessing each customer’s needs individually rather than fruitlessly attempting to better segment.

The difference?

With the EvoAI engine, you get the right offers in front of the right prospects at the right time. Score prospects at the salesperson level, so they can differentiate the unique expected value of each product to each customer for each salesperson. No wasted time. No irrelevant offers.

Targeted features for optimal conversion

  • Pinpoint conversion probability
    Identify the changing value of each prospect to each salesperson with a simple visual representation of their conversion score.

  • Personalize offers effortlessly
    Make each prospect the unique offer most likely to elicit a yes with Evo’s automated recommendation and matching engine.

  • Increase retention
    Know which strategies (discounting, bundles, special offers, etc.)are most likely to retain each customer. Overall churn prediction is built in, so special offers are balanced against lifetime customer value.

  • Leverage market basket analysis
    Know customers better by finding patterns in buying behavior that impact conversion and retention.

  • Automated targeted marketing
    Identify trigger events for special offers that increase the probability of immediate conversion when special marketing messages or offers are automatically sent.

  • Analyse sales team performance
    Visualize team and individual performance at a glance. Use insights to guide training and reward top performers.

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