Bespoke value for your money

We work fast to produce simple, yet powerful, solutions tailored to your business, and cost less than our competitors.

Long-term partnership mindset is in everything we do, as our algorithms evolve together

with the changing nature of your business: this is why we are called EVO.

Our promise to your business:

Live in 1 day, impact in 1 month


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The best data science

Evo leverages advanced data science tools and infrastructure with a focus on developing the world’s best solutions


The best for business

Data science must address specific business needs, not the other way around. We focus the business challenge, not the tools

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The best value capture

We achieve a 10 - 20 times sustainable return on investment with our clients. Few other initiatives can achieve similar impact.


Our business model is truly unique

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With you all the way

We provide a dedicated, named resource to each client

Impact delivered

Our scope is always "anything needed" so that we can help you get to impact 

Efficient data access

Work upfront to define simple data interfaces, up and running in 1-2 week

Evolutionary approach

We define together what to do, and over time evolve the approach - limiting upfront cost and risk