Market trends

Trends of market price and basket change over time

  • How is market price changing over time?
  • What’s the main driver of the change?
  • Which retailers are leading the change?

Product range

Product range by price level comparison across retailers

  • How are each company’s product ranges distributed across the price ladder?
  • Are there price differences on the same product by different competitors?

Price changes

Price changes: %age of affected items, magnitude of change and mix effect

  • When have the main price changes happened?
  • How aggressive have they been?
  • In which ranges have they occurred?

Mix changes

Impact on the overall basket mix of product addition/ removal from range

  • How many products are still sold?
  • At which price ranges have SKUs been added/removed?
  • How is the overall mix changing?


Average product discount and overall promo categories (basket-wide, CRM, shipping)

  • Which retailers are applying the highest discounts? In which price ranges?
  • Which is the average discount over time from all offers and discounts?