Expanding capabilities

Humans were not designed to make myriads of small data-driven decisions. Tremendous business value is lost to waste every day: excessive discounting, sub-optimal pricing, unsold inventory, missed sales.

Scientific learning transforms business managementjust like 'SatNav' and self-driving innovation reshapes transport. Unlock hidden opportunity thanks to software "for the rest of us", quoting a client CEO. 

A new man/machine alliance based on data: significant growth potential and substantial ROI. Proven by $200m+ margin already delivered, simply by closing all those supply/demand gaps.

We believe data can make you truly market & customer-driven. Do you?

Redefining 'excellence'

Imagine this powerful mix: cutting-edge scientific learning combined with management experience. Yet, execution today still often relies on simple tools, Excel, or just gut feelings. 

The secret recipe for excellence?  Automated learning + dedicated team. Reliable software, fast integration, measured impact, constant research: smarter business processes. Evo processes.

Unique needs, please meet our unlimited support: new questions, custom solutions, strategic advice. We leverage 120+ man-years of experience, 11 nationalities, 6 academic partners, 2 offices and 1 mission.

Your market, strategy and people rapidly evolve. So do we.



Optimal prices?

New strategies, market review, automated changes based on customers, competition, costs, weather and macro: unparalleled pricing expertise.


Marketing ROI?

Automated promo tracking, targeted marketing initiatives, end-of-life strategies: solving all the related hard-core data challenges.


Expected demand?

Accurate base case planning, scenario simulation, better predictions: managing a future above and beyond "last year".


Optimal inventory?

Local probability of sale dynamic assessment, stock allocation and fluid movement: achieving  "beyond optimal" smart data systems and staff insight.