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Current clients are based in 6 countries and sell in 60+, with typical revenues from $100m to double-digit billion $. We manage data from >2k retail stores, but also of other complex sectors like insurance, transportation and hospitality.

The Evo service model combines software and consulting in a long-term partnership, with no upfront commitment! We contribute functional expertise; clients provide market and context awareness. Joining forces to grab new opportunities. 3 core success beliefs shared by our clients: data-driven management, innovation, and appetite for disciplined experimentation. Ultimately, it is humbling to admit the relative power of insight over opinion - but also tremendously value creating.

How Miroglio became locally relevant with EvoAI

Client case study #1

Miroglio Fashion is Italy’s third-largest retailer of women’s apparel with over 1,000 stores. Uneven product sales across regions and stores and excessively long product shelf life caused significant promotional pressure and risked harming the brand.

After six months using EvoAI, Miroglio achieved:

  • - Faster sell-through thanks to optimal replenishment and store-to-store transfers
  • - Store managers’ buy-in by including their input in the process and directly integrating it into daily recommendations
  • - Waste reduction alongside bottom-line growth, coupling eco-efficiency with the core business financial drivers
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How PittaRosso refreshed inventory and increased margin with EvoAI

Client case study #2

PittaRosso is a leading Italian shoe retailer with over 200 large-format stores. Despite high traffic, however, unsold inventory was becoming a serious issue with legacy collections from up to 10 years ago.

After one markdown season using EvoAI, PittaRosso achieved:

  • - No-regrets strategy with each item marked down per its perceived value, real-time inventory level, price elasticity, markdown history and external trends
  • - Balanced choices to increase sell-through, such as limited promotions and marketing channel investment for max ROI
  • - Results-first, responsive markdowns that increase financial impact while clearing stale inventory
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How Decathlon maximised impact and minimised complexity with EvoAI

Client case study #3

As sports goods leader Decathlon expanded into new markets, pricing strategy complicated significantly. They needed to reduce complexity and find an approach to maximise margin while still delivering on Decathlon’s low-price guarantee.

After 6 weeks using EvoAI solutions:

  • - strategic price adjustments at critical seasonal junctures
  • - systemwide pricing decision integration with reduced complexity
  • - substantial increase in pricing ROI
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