AGI (Agenzia Giornalistica Italiana)

The 12 trends in digital work (from e-commerce to payments) in Italy

Italy, June 8, 2017

The Italian workers' Digital Community has identified 12 trends that are changing the world of work. A discussion on these topics took place on Thursday 8th at the House of Representatives with 25 Wwworkers. They explained how they were able to grow in their respective markets by using digital data focused on specific sectors. We are talking about startups, small and medium-sized companies that, through the internet and digital technology, are creating value for the territory, and that generate revenue for themselves. They talked about their models and the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Big Data
Data is the black gold of the new millennium. But to analyze and make them usable are human figures. From the data scientist to the IT manager, in addition to the algorithms, there are already new jobs linked to the world of innovation and it is a huge, expanding market.
This is the tenth trend of digital work. By crossing data and its context, a team of young brains in Turin, managed by Fabrizio Fantini, can predict the future sales of one or more sales outlets. This way of working creates savings in inventory costs and the ability to sell in a much more targeted manner. This “Wow!” idea based on predictive analytics comes courtesy of Evo Pricing, an Anglo-Italian startup, headquartered in Turin and London.


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