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Live interview on Radio Deejay, “La Bomba” with Luciana Littizzetto

Italy, November 12, 2016

Luciana: "While I was reading "La Stampa" the other day, I came across a very interesting article which talked about young researchers who have invented a very interesting app! We looked for them with Franco, our editor, it wasn’t easy... in fact, we have not tried with "Chi l'ha visto?" but eventually we found it and now here they here: Elena and Roberta."

Vic: "Good morning!"

E; R: "Hello !!"

Vic: "Hello! In coordination, good girls!"

Luciana: "As in cartoons! So, what have you invented?"

Elena: "So, basically, we have created a tool that learns and analyses past sales data and directs the sales teams of the shops to send the right item, to the right store, at the right time so that customers can find what they need."

Luciana: "From the analysis of the sales data of the shops ... Listen, how are smart they are ..."

Vic: "Let’s hear!"

Luciana: "They cross a set of data analysis, not only derived from sales but also from the store's location, the climate, how often people visit the store (now I say things randomly, but I think that’s what I understood) they utilize all that data and tell the retailer, that relies on them, what to have on the shelf at the right time."

Vic: "Ok! But, excuse me, is it because the retailer rather not know."

Elena: "What we do is to give our proposal to the retailer, then he can accept or not."

Vic: “Yes, certainly. But he could also tell you “Do your own business! That is, I'll go ahead to sell the scarves..."

Luciana: "They pay to get this service!"

Vic: "Yes, they offer it and one could say: ‘No, I know what to do!’ Maybe ... ‘I do not want to’..."

Luciana: "Maybe if there is a small shop. They can say: "Why do you insist on selling cotton socks? I'll show you ... You never sold them, idiot! We looked at their sale performance, in all these years, you sold one pair a year. Why do you persist? Look instead how many alpaca sweaters you sell ... Specialise on them! "

Vic: "On that."

Luciana: "Am I right?"

E; R: "That's right!"

Vic: "And then I think I got the importance of your product to the large chains, that is, those who have a main office and a lot of shops scattered... For them, your product is very critical! They sell the same product range in every store – warm-weather wear in the North where it’s cold, and that’s why they’re not selling very much, and cold-weather wear in the south, where it’s warm, they sell pretty much everything everywhere..."

Elena: "Yes, the idea is to move things around according to demand. If something in the South doesn’t sell well because it's already hotter, I will move it to the North where I'm still selling it. So, it also creates an exchange between the various stores depending on where they sell their items best.”

Luciana: “So, what reliability do you guarantee? Thinking about the surveys of Donald Trump, the American polls that forecasted wrong ... At 7:10 pm the New York Times they gave 85% Hilary and 15% Donald Trump. So, the error risk, how much is it? "

Elena: "In fact there is some risk, but the idea is always: I can shift things around, and then if something is not selling well, I always have enough time to move it later to a shop where it is selling."

Luciana: “For example: Zara, a retail chain. Then Zara knows what shoe is selling in Turin and instead...”

Vic: “In Catania flip-flops.”

Luciana: "Exactly."

Luciana: "So it is useless to showcase the flip-flops in Turin. Those that you have in stock you have to move them and send immediately to the where they’re selling."

Vic: "But it seems strange, that Zara however does not know this?"

Elena: "In fact, in reality the concept is much broader as there are many shops, from the headquarters it is very difficult to realize what can happen at a single-shop level, in a single geographical location..."

Vic: "Sure, sure."

Elena: "And instead, the salesmen of the shops know very well what is selling"

Vic: "And now it also enters the “commited factor” that is beautiful. But what do you do? Do you interview them? "

Elena: "No. We go through a series of proposal applications and they can just ask the items. I order a specific t-shirt but instead I have in stock a specific pair of pants and I can leave it to other stores."

Vic: "Ok."

Luciana: "In fact I think this is a smart thing because sometimes you go into these department stores because you know they have what you want. And then they say, "Oh, we do not have anymore. It’s over." But how? That thing was the thing I liked most in the world! You did this bra that was pretty cool, I loved it and now you don’t have it anymore? Instead, they might also say, "Look, people ask for the same old product, and the retailer produces something else instead. Re-do what you did before."

Vic: "You realize ... Wait, I look in the other stores where it might be... Yes there is, it’s in Avellino!"

Luciana: "And… thank you!"

Luciana: "We put a song and then we’ll go back soon!"

Vic: "You are listening to "La Bomba "as always in the weekend on Saturday morning and also on Sunday evening. This morning we came to visit us Elena and Roberta who invented an application that helps retailers better manage stocks and stores and it helps small and large retailers to, how to say, use their products to the max."

Luciana: "What is this app? Does it have a name?"

Elena: "We call it "borsino" because it is a kind of exchange between shops..."

Vic: "Borsino ... Did you say?"

Elena: "Yes, borsino."

Vic: "Ok, ok and is already operational, that is not an idea?"

Elena: "No, no. It works."

Luciana: "So, we also talk with Roberta."

Vic: "You, Roberta what do you do? With respect to this application, who had the idea? What did you do? You've helped, you have developed it? How was it?"

Roberta: "Well, I am a researcher at the Department of Mathematics and in fact Elena has developed this application during her thesis."

Vic: "Ok."

Luciana: "So you are the Prof and she is the pupil. Then, in the end, you now do business together. "

Roberta: "More or less."

Vic: "Well, nice! Beautiful. Did you believe in this? Did you like it right away?"

Roberta: "Yes. It's fun to do these things. Evo Pricing had the problem of this great customer which had to optimize travel in stores. We read a bit of things and it seemed that there were useful tools to use, and then we started, we made a first version of the work, then we tested it. So, there was a pilot study and from there we perfected it."

Luciana: "So now if a company, a store, a small chain, but also an individual, wants to have this app what he should do?"

Roberta: "Well, I would say he has to call Evo Pricing."

Luciana: "Evo Pricing. And what is the site?"


Vic: "Okay, good girls!"

Luciana: "Very well. Look, women are always better..."

Luciana: "We select among all the messages that have arrived ... Of course, some say ‘but this thing here has already been done in some way’ but instead the girls here explain that this app is new because it has to do with people."

Vic: "It’s the human factor. using data, as you said before, as an application that manages the products, to make it easy, say the shift from a warehouse to store to optimize sales, lacked the human factor which is the addition in your app."

Luciana: "How come? I'm always missing s*** about human factor!"

Vic: "The sensitivity of the order we say then that is going into battle, is there right in the front row."

Luciana: "That tells you, look I know how things go. There are very respectable orders. Indeed, if there were not committed then the shop would close, let's face it."

Vic: "It's true."

Luciana: "They hold everything on their backs, on their sympathy. Then there are also bad shop assistant, but those do not last long, these ones get sent away immediately."

Luciana: "We have selected a single message: “Tell Tezenis to sell again the old man slip basic as the new ones, we just can’t stand! Can you do this?- Done."

Vic: "Done, I reported it in the app. What a laugh, because everything becomes immediately practical. The slip basic once was all a different story."

Luciana: "True, they don’t exist anymore. In large distributions, they don’t have fixed things but always there is a changing collection."

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