Innogest Capital

Future of Fashion, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

Italy, September 11, 2017
Stefano Molino – Partner at Innogest

With Innogest we wanted to support this cycle of events related to technology and fashion world, starting from the very important theme of Artificial Intelligence, as we believe it is an extremely important topic for the fashion industry and evolutions in this field are particularly significant.

I believe that today there has been the opportunity to compare the views between different actors, both those who are investing in technology startups like us, as well as the digital corporate world and traditional retail brands. It showed a diverse landscape of great opportunities but also a lot of work to do. Certainly, artificial intelligence is a pervasive technology that opens up numerous evolutions both in the field of marketing and sales, personalization, but also in the production, back-end of production processes and we believe that there will be great opportunities starting from Italy and from the industry-specific skills that are available in this country.

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