Innova Lavoro 2017

Innova Lavoro 2017: a new perspective on tomorrow's professions and professionals

Italy, July 8, 2017
by Spremute Digitali

The speed at which the world of work changes has no precedent. 
Many professions active today are changing and adapting to the new market needs. Others are even disappearing, replaced by new professional approaches in non-digital sectors.

What are the professions that will soon be defunct?

What are the most needed professions in the future?

New frontiers that open the digital revolution range from facial recognition to business intelligence. We must not be frightened by the revolution, but learn to recognize and manage it so we can capture all its fruits. In this way, it becomes an inescapable leverage, a source of opportunities and new chances that will safeguard the content that arises from the fast evolution which the world of work has been witnessing over the last decade.

An expert panel of prestigious guests will deal with these and many other issues. It will focus on all the positive aspects to consider in order to be an active part of this real revolution. This will happen on Wednesday 19 July 2017 in the second edition of the event Innova Lavoro – Tomorrow's Professions and Professionals.

The Young Workers Consultants of Turin, who have organized this event in collaboration with the National Association of Young Cdl, chose as the venue of the meeting a location in line with the proposed theme: the new HUB COPERNICO TORINO GARIBALDI. This is a “smart working” business development and acceleration platform that is now based in the historic building of the former L'Oreal in Valdocco 2. Its mission in the new knowledge economy is to connect people and create germination between growth factors.

The meeting will address the relationship between innovation and work in all its aspects, both in terms of simplification of professional and business activity, and how this process interfaces with the law.

It will develop in detail the developments, implications, opportunities and tools for professions and professionals of today and tomorrow such as biometric data management (fingerprints, facial recognition), with some reporting on ongoing experimentation by CSI Piedmont.

We will therefore talk about Digital Transformation for businesses and professionals, from process management and business intelligence to electronic archiving, and we will further understand the opportunities and goals of smart working and smart sharing.

The concluding roundtable will focus on the interaction between technological progress and professions with input from professionals hailing from small businesses to large corporations. 

Innova Lavoro 2017 program
Below is the detailed program of the event with all guests:
02:30 PM Registration of Participants

Luca FURFARO President Association Young Workers Advisers in Torino.
Fabrizio BONTEMPO vice president ANGCDL
Alberto Maria BARBERIS President Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Torino

Biometric data detection for new models of employee recognition
Marco DATTRINO - CSI Piemonte
Sustainable Innovation at the Service of Businesses and Digital Professionals
Fabio GHI - Director Bios Management
Daniele ZORZOLI - Associate Partner Bios Management


Gianluca DETTORI - dPixel / PrimoMiglio
Marco VICENTINI - President of Piedmont Region Young Cna
Viola PETTINATI - Data Scientist
Gianluca MARZULLI – AGAT President
Michele BARBERI - Copernicus Network Development Manager
Luca FURFARO - President of the Youth Association Cdl in Turin
Giulia RIPA - Location Manager Car2Go Torino

Video Interviews with:
Celia GUIMAREAS - Journalist Rainews
Emanuele FRANZOSO - Reteconomy Journalist
Fabrizio FANTINI - CEO Evo Pricing
Marzia CAMARDA - Verba Volant

Chiara PRIANTE - Journalist
End of discussions at 07.00 PM
Copernicus Torino Garibaldi, the innovative space for the Copernicus platform, will be the venue for the second edition of INNOVA LAVORO 2017.

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