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The 12 trends of work and the stories of those already involved

Vanity Fair

Italy, July 13, 2017

Where are jobs heading? What will be the skills required? Who will win the next games?, the job community of Net Workers, has identified 12 "worktrends", new trends where there are already some success stories (in the gallery): they are small artisan companies and startups that have taken their first steps towards a changing world of work. Technologies, dynamics, and work patterns change, new openness and unthinkable possibilities are opening up, and so, here's what will happen.

TREND 10: BIG DATA. Individual and aggregate data, complex data. And in the centre, people. From the data scientist to the IoT manager: beyond algorithms here are the new professions linked to the world of innovation.
By crossing data and context, a ‘brains team’ can predict future sales of one or more sales outlets. And all this results in savings in inventory costs and in the ability to sell in a much more targeted manner. This wow idea is from Evo Pricing, a predictive analysis Anglo-Italian startup based in Turin and London.


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