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The Worktrends are coming: the 12 trends of work that have arisen from the excellence of “made in Italy”

Italy, June 9, 2017
NOVA 24 (Il Sole 24 Ore)

Yesterday, at the Chamber of Deputies, during Wwworkers Camp 2017, 12 work trends of the global microbrand were listed, namely the excellence of “made in Italy” – artisans, small and medium companies, innovative startups –  that through internet and digital technology today are playing on international digital fields creating value for the territory, and revenue for themselves. 
We divided them into platforms, modes, ambitions.

Trend 10: Big Data
Individual and aggregate data, complex data. And the person in the middle of this. From the data scientist to the IT manager: beyond the algorithms the new professions linked to the world of innovation.

Evo Pricing from Turin
By crossing data and context, a team of young brains can predict future sales of one or more sales outlets. This way of working creates savings in inventory costs and the ability to sell in a much more targeted manner. This “Wow!” idea comes courtesy of Evo Pricing, an Anglo-Italian startup based on predictive analytics and headquartered in Turin and London. 

The startup was created four years ago by 38-year-old Fabrizio Fantini, a native of Jesi. 

The startup recruits data scientists from university courses.


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