Radiouno Rai (Eta Beta)

Radiouno Rai (Eta Beta)

Italy, June 6, 2017

"Finally, we have to say that all things we have talked about today produce data, produce information that remains crude, unusable, useless until someone processes them. When these data are processed, they become a great asset, and this is the latest trend you will see Thursday at the House of Representatives, the so-called Big Data phenomenon. What is it about?

A few weeks ago, we were actually inspired by an Economist cover, "Data economy" was the title of the Anglo-Saxon magazine, seeing how the new digital oil is linked to data and above all their interpretation.

We will host two stories that live with data: the first is a Turin experience that helps retail outlets in some ways to anticipate sales depending on seasonality through analyzing a mass of data. A particular startup because it is based in Turin and was born with a degree in "Data scientist", so the new professional figures that are being formed in the university. It is in Turin, but has a headquarters in London and other offices located in the world."

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