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Wwworkers, the generation of small digital contractors

Italy, June 9, 2017
RaiNews 24 - Celia Guimaraes

There is an Italy of artisans, small contractors and digitized farmers who have created a large network community, wwworkers, that, with new technologies are creating work and revenue. At the Chamber of Deputies, they outlined to politicians the future of the work through 25 stories of digital companies.

In the city of Aquila, after the earthquake of 2009, thanks to e-commerce, a traditional company has started up again and now sells in Europe and Asia.

M. Fidanza (L’Aquila design): "We came from four generations of decorators. My parents have some stores in the historic city center. After the earthquake, the need to reopen activity has led us to find new ways."

From London to Turin is the short road of Big Data, the new oil.

F. Fantini (Evo Pricing): "Data alone does not produce value, it is the interpretation, the analysis and the transformation in cases of use. In our case, we help companies to predict sales, set prices and do better promotions."

And digital payments become as simple as an app.

A. Allara (Satispay): "It was born as an independent payment system just for being the only transaction intermediary, in this way to create great efficiency in moving money and allowing a totally free service for private users and extremely cheap for traders."

Awarded a Sabina company, where the intelligent tomato was born, cultivated in a computerized hydroponic greenhouse, led by an aerospace engineer.

G. Pontetti (Ferrari Farm): "This love was born like a blow, love at first sight, the idea of realizing this new farm. My family has believed in it, financed me and today we are an operational reality."

According to some Ipsos research in Italy, Millennials dream of becoming independent contractors and the Government is aiming to train them.

L. Bobba (Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor): "Within the Program “Guarantee for young people” there is a subprogram called “Growing in digital” that has seen the involvement of nearly 100,000 young people who have participated, and are participating, in an online course to develop skills from a digitalization point of view."


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