Cutting-edge technologies and software for MIROGLIO RETAIL PROJECT 4.0

Italy, March 27, 2017
Corriere della Sera

Smart labels, software integrating online and offline channels, a platform combining artificial inteIIigence and personal experience: these are the projects that Miroglio Fashion launched to improve efficiency and performance of retail. Miroglio Fashion is part of the greater Miroglio Group which designs and distributes 11 brands including Motivi, Oltre, Elena Mirò and Fiorella Rubino.  

In partnership with Oracle, Miroglio developed the XStore project and is planning on introducing a new store management software in about 1.100 points of sale to achieve integration with the online channel. In collaboration with Temera they launched a program to be implemented in the 170 Fiorella Rubino stores of the chain, which consists of a tracking system for individual products, by means of RFID chips labeling. This will help identifying each item remotely and as such streamlining the management of products, improving the accuracy of the inventories which reflects in overall benefits in logistics and sales.

A third project, implemented in Fiorella Rubino and Elena Mirò stores was developed in collaboration with Evopricing and University of Turin. This entails a new integrated replenishment process from the central warehouse facilitating items redistribution among stores. This solution integrates quantitative data with the precious sensitivity of the sales staff leveraging their predictive ability. 

"Innovation is an increasingly important component in our new strategic plan," explains Hans Hoegstedt, new CEO of Miroglio Fashion. "By carrying out these projects we want to bring "4.0" solutions to retail, such as those implemented in the industrial sector.  Using digital technologies allows us to offer a richer shopping experience and improving the efficiency of our stores. With the Retail program 4.0 the technology will enhance the full potential of our people and their knowledge of customer needs and expectations. The project is part of the plan "300 in 300", which entails a 15 million euro investment to renew the image of 300 stores Miroglio Fashion in 300 days."



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