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Big Data to Decisions: AI and Machine Learning

Discover how machine learning can unlock new paths to value creation

London, October 29, 2018

London Business School

Many marketing decisions are made – separately – using our limbic system: the part of our brain dedicated to feelings and snap intuition. But emotions and gut feeling aren’t suitable for making critical decisions such as optimal pricing, promotion and supply planning that require careful consideration.

Choosing what feels right (or was right last year), and then rationalise it, leaves much opportunity on the table. But the emergence of big data analysis, using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), has enabled more rational, data-driven approaches that also leverage human intuition, rather than replacing it. These new methods to close the supply/ demand gap and increase profits, by becoming more customer relevant.

Why choose this programme

Explore the relationship between pricing, promotions and supply decisions. Learn how to measure and exploit that strong link while exploring new ways of leveraging data that drive profitable decision-making across industries and borders.

You’ll access cutting edge insights from our world class faculty and benefit from real-world experience within a global classroom of decision-makers. Gain the expertise to maximise crucial decision-making using big data and AI analysis.

Professor Oded Koenisberg is an expert in pricing, distribution channel (supply chain) and incentives. He will be joined by Practitioner Fabrizio Fantini CEO of EVO Pricing awarded for best Digital Supply Chain start-up.

How you benefit

  • Understand the strategic implications of AI for your business

  • Discover how to measure the link between pricing, promotions and product range decisions

  • Explore data-driven approaches to execute highly profitable decision-making

  • Learn best practice for implementing new approaches, in a complex omni-channel and cross-border context.

If you’re ready to empower your decision-making using big data, join us.

Meet the experts


Oded Koenigsberg, Professor of Marketing; Academic Director MBA and MiM

What Oded brings to the programme: Professor Oded Koenigsberg’s areas of expertise and research focuses on incorporating logistical constraints into firms’ marketing decisions including pricing, product design, distribution channels, product line and marketing of durable goods. He develops models that attempt to incorporate the cross-functional aspects of firms’ marketing management decisions and teaches best practice pricing strategy and tactics.

Experience: He is on the editorial boards of leading journals in his field, including Marketing Science, Journal of Production and Operations Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing and the Journal of Retailing. He also consults on pricing, distribution channel (supply chain) and incentives.

Guest speaker

Fabrizio Fantini, CEO of Evo Pricing

What Fabrizio brings to the programme: Fabrizio has invented ‘Artificial Customer Intelligence’, an award-winning and patent-pending new approach to automate management decisions based on real-time data analysis.

The software pulls together company data such as sales, costs, customers and competitors and uses that information to make sales forecasts and pricing recommendations for the organisation’s products and services.

Experience: Since its inception in 2014, Evo has already created over $280m of margin impact for its clients, established productive academic collaborations with 7 global universities, and built scalable data systems for medium and large scale organisations globally. Fabrizio has an MBA from Harvard Business School, spent 10 years at McKinsey & Company.

Key Details

Duration: 1 day

Next start: 11 March 2019

Fees: £1,200

Location: London

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