Women and science for a future with equal opportunities, and all-female discoveries

“It is doing STEM”

Italy, March 8, 2018
By Giuseppe Rapuano

Women and science for a future with equal opportunities. 

This 8th of March unites women and science. 

This is the theme of the conference that was held at the "Cortese" Scientific High School of Maddaloni, promoted by Soroptimist International of Italy, Caserta Club, chaired by Antonella Varone, in collaboration with manager Daniela Tagliafierro.

The round table event was introduced and moderated by professor Nicola Melone, former headmaster of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, and organized by Professor Bianca Stella Adinolfi. The participants were astrophysicist Maria Teresa Botticella, INAF researcher at the Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, neurobiologist Maria Teresa Gentile, researcher at the University Vanvitelli, mathematician Melania Carfagna, data analyst at Evo Pricing in Turin and the young Antonia Affinito, former student of this high school who is about to graduate in Computer Engineering.

This prestigious panel led the large audience on a fascinating journey to discover the most current scientific issues: from neuronal plasticity during the learning phase and memory, to mathematical models applied to biomedical engineering; from the control of data traffic on the web, discovering supernovae and gravitational waves.

From this path has emerged the role that many women have had in the main stages of scientific progress, as well as the difficulties of establishing themselves in traditionally male fields. The speakers, who were able to transmit their enthusiasm and passion for research, then had an entertaining and fruitful debate with the students in the audience, also discussing the paths of study to be undertaken in order to operate in such specialized sectors.

The initiative is part of the "SI fa STEM" project, promoted by Soroptimist International of Italia, Caserta Club, which offers a series of meetings with researchers in the scientific-technological-engineering-mathematical field (from which comes the acronym STEM) with the aim of making females students who are close to choosing a university aware of the prospects for study and work in various scientific fields, beyond gender stereotypes.

The project, which began at the end of January with the American Ann Hughes, of the prestigious MIT of Boston, and the geneticist Dr. Federica Valente of Vanvitelli University, will end with a visit to the robotized production lines of the PROMA group.


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