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Will it sell or will it not sell? This app will tell you

Italy, April 23, 2018

By Gabriele Di Matteo

A marriage that has been celebrated for years, the one between technology and fashion, but no one has yet pushed towards a predictive analysis that has the ability to tell the retail sector, what the sales trends will be in a year. A new app that is still under construction will try this, an app that doesn’t come from the usual garage. We’re talking about a new initiative by the Evo Pricing group, a Turin-based startup led by Fabrizio Fantini who brings together minds coming from various Universities from MIT to Harvard.

His model consists of a complex cocktail of predictive analysis, algorithms, artificial intelligence, refinement and data management, permitting the new app to take a picture of the sketch, of a new model that is still to be launched and help understand what market expectations it will have and what the recommended price could be. This has nothing to do with style so fashion influencers aren’t necessary for this. Here we are talking about Data Scientists that are able to extract essential data to forecast sales, to avoid aiming for the wrong targets and waste unnecessary money on a new line of clothing or accessories. In Florence, at the it4fashion Awards the startup just won first place in a prestigious competition that assigned recognition for "digital supply chain".


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