Optimal discounts, markdowns and anti-churn campaigns to steer demand profitably

Local targeting.png

Local targeting

We use complex spatial regression techniques to measure, for example, local demand elasticity, and monitor how it changes over time.

Understanding the full richness of your regional demand literally opens up a whole new world of opportunities for targeted promotions.

Our systems bring you powerful and easy to use insights. You did not even think it was possible, but with us from today you can!

Basket analysis

Basket analysis is a staple in our toolkit, yet we have used and successfully adapted it to the most diverse situations.

The product associations observed in consumer consumption enable data-driven promotions, range decisions, cross-selling and much more.

Our experience with these tools let us rapidly identify the appropriate segmentations and unlock significant opportunity.

Markdown recommendations

Evo Pricing injects science in the process of setting discounts and markdown levels, fully automating the end-to-end process.

Optimal price reductions, with targeted investment focused on areas of potential impact. Forget about tedious manual reviews and input.

You choose what to target: margin, revenues or market share goals. We help you save time and dramatically reduce write-offs.

Results measurement.png

Results measurement

We provide an objective and automated measure of each and every promotion, at the push of a button.

Solving all the related hard-core data challenges, we bring a wealth of information to the discussion: timely and accurate impact measurements.

With the increase in complexity, competitive pressure, and hyper-targeting of initiatives, having automated measurements is pure bliss.