Optimal inventory allocation and rebalancing that combines machine learning with network input

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Revolutionary process

Our distribution solution can offer range and replenishment proposals at the most granular level, with a revolutionary participative approach.

Field staff can review and amend the system's input, based on positive, structured incentives. The resulting optimal allocation guarantees impact with no bias.

The process we recommend leverages the best human intuition, structuring it within a framework of excellence made possible by 120 man-years of research.

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Automated field survey

Direct input from the field creates valuable business insight: the popularity of products with staff is a proven effective leading indicator of demand by as much as 12 weeks.

Unleashing the power of human intuition, with a low effort, simple workflow, enables new opportunities and unlocks significant potential.

In our experience, the sheer empowerment effect on the staff, who can directly feed inputs to decision-making is worth a significant ROI improvement.

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Beyond optimal

We solve extremely complex computational challenges, linked to our cutting edge range and distribution solutions. Millions of variables, and human intuition, together.

Our solutions have been vetted and tested with classic test-control analysis, as well as detailed roll-out monitoring, confirming that unprecedented opportunity is unlocked.

It is as simple as adding the human touch to an already optimal solution. And it works damn well.

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Man/machine synergy

We are particularly proud of having demonstrated that the best computer systems work best when augmented with local insight and human knowledge.

Our analytical and impartial forecast, developed over 120 man-years of research, would not deliver the same results, without staff's input on consumer preference.

Greater accuracy, discovery of new unexpected consumer trends, new information to help other processes, all in a simple solution.


Enthusiastic staff feedback

Managers are aware of the importance of staff morale, but may sometimes struggle to link this to company profit.

From today, you can empower your staff and grow your bottom line: such is the power of trust in the process!