Evo Promo

Planning, executing and measuring impactful promotions


2.1% increase in willingness to pay

2p.p. churn reduction

  • Comprehensive measure of promotion impact

  • Systematic business process and workflow

  • Automated insight leading to rapid evolution

Why Evo Promo?

Evo Promo helps you to increase sales by using promotions without squeezing your margins.

We use workflow based on Excel add-in and forecast the end-to-end impact of promotions.

It finds the point at which the number of sales increases enough to have a positive result in the margin.


Anti-churn promotions

Example 2 


Anti-churn promotions

Context                                                                             -

  • Leading UK motor and home insurance services provider
  • Needed to assess impact of specific marketing proposition on customer churn

  • Joint data-sharing exercise to address research question quantitatively

Approach                                                                         -

  • Shared data and agreed strategy & constraints with management
  • Designed specific market research to assess customer perception

  • Reviewed existing pricing and churn performance per segment
  • Modeled churn and average policy in different scenarios

  • Measured impact systematically
  • Produced detailed write-up of results and modelling implications

Impact                                                                                -

  • Demonstrated an increase of 2.1% in motor insurance willingness to pay, and 2.3% for home insurance
  • Helped pinpoint drivers of 2p.p. churn reduction


A breakdown of our solution process

Scope: entire promotions cycle

  • Definition of process and goals

  •  Simulation and optimisation

  • Comprehensive library of mechanics

Systems: evolving together towards max impact

  • Machine-learning accuracy

  • Unlimited business rules

  • Scheduled update, from Daily to Quarterly

  • Availability-adjusted recommendations

  • Custom objective function

Support: comprehensive

  • Off-the-shelf library of commonly adopted business rules and strategies

  • Dedicated Evo Scientist always on-call to review strategy, apply custom rules and fix gaps

  • Consistently deep expertise and fast response


Business at the power of data

SatNav-like software, for management


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